Air filter and turbo oil feed

Just the one part arrived today – the 45 degree reducing elbow to join the air filter to the turbo inlet. Unfortunately, ASH hoses only do these in black. I’m undecided if I’ll order and orange one later down the line.

It fits quite well:

There’s two points of contention. The first is it’s quite close to the port on the actuator, I may bend that bracket up slightly. The other is I need to tweak the catch tank lines slightly but that’s no biggy. When the intercooler arrives I’ll be able to tell how much it interferes with the routing of that.

It rounds the corner of the engine nicely, but does mean there’s no real scope to pull it back a bit to try and generate more space up front.

You can only just see it, but it sits the filter underneath the fibreglass bit of the bonnet. This should protect it from rain if it’s parked up outdoors.

I also found some motivation from somewhere to fit the oil feed pipe. This comes from the pressure sender port on the other side of the block. I popped off the throttle bodies and removed the current pressure sender and adaptor. I then assembled the T-piece that came with the kit, using a small amount of PTFE tape. For each join I double checked that there was a good enough connection for the pressure sender to earth to.

I attached the hose, ran it around the back of the engine and it fits onto the turbo fine:

Hopefully I can get some paint on the inlet manifold this weekend, then I can fit that. Other task to do is one of the ones I’m not looking forward to – drilling the sump.

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