The plan is forming

That’s both build manuals read cover to cover and the build part of the plan is now complete. It’s turned out as a total of 283 tasks needing 262 hours. Hopefully I’ve over estimated on the hours needed but I’d rather that than under estimating them. Ideally I’d like the starter kit delivered w/c 9th Jan 2012 and the completion kit arriving w/c 9th April 2012. It should then be on the road w/c 23rd July.

Now there’s the age old saying of ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’. I’ve definitely not failed to plan, but I have planned to fail the IVA. I don’t think anyone ever passes it first time, but I think with the comprehensiveness of the Westfield kit I should only be picked up on niggles so I should only need 1 retest.

Budget wise, with van hire, trailer hire, IVA fees, insurance, tax, tools, consumables and so forth, it’s added up to £12,072.74. I could get a very nice second hand Westfield for that! Scarily, that’s only going to go up with the bits required for taking the Mazda apart. Ah well… it’ll keep me occupied for a while!

Next step… plan the dismantling of the Mazda to ensure I’m not taking it off the road too early. Once I take it off the road, the land rover will be my only car so my fuel bill will rocket!

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