Order placed

Went to Stoneleigh today to look at three main things really.

  1. A close look at a Mazda SDV
  2. A look at orange cars
  3. A look at digital dashes

As luck would have it, there were no Mazda SDV Westfields at the show today, I think Sunday is the busiest day. Orange cars were also few and far between as were digital dashes. I wonder if there’s a reason for all this…

Still, I’m not put off and today ordered the introductory kit. A bit early granted, but ordering at Stoneleigh has meant a 10% discount on the kit and all future purchases for the car at Westfield. That’s going to save me something in the region of £1,000 during the course of the build so it’s a bit rude not to!

Thanks for the discount, I might be able to push the build forward a month or two. I’m going to see if it’s possible to set a Stoneleigh 2012 on the road date, that should be a good milestone.

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