New dates

Going back to the original plan, I was looking at starting to dismantle the MX5 in October. This would allow me time to enjoy the summer in the mazda… However, given the good weather we’ve had recently, I’ve convinced myself to do the sensible thing and take the Mazda off the road when the tax, insurance and MOT runs out in July. There’s £500 saved there!

So my spreadsheet plan is looking a little more geeky complete. I’ve let Westfield know I’ll be expecting the introductory kit in September, with the completion kit being required around Christmas time (boxing day according to the plan, that will need some tweaking!). On the road April 2012. I hope next April is as good as this one just gone, bet it’ll snow now.

Build budget has gone north, currently sat at £12.3k. Does include all the tools, service items like a new clutch, IVA fees, tax and insurance so isn’t as bad as it sounds. That’s what I keep telling myself.

So this is probably it for the waffling on updates then. It’s time to start preparing the garage and workshop, building workbenches and the such. There’s going to be sooo many tip runs!

11 weeks to go!!

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