To the man cave…

So with seven weeks to go until the project really starts, the project is err… kinda starting. Now, at the start of this week, I was of the mindset that I wasn’t going to bother painting the garage or tarting it up in any way. So of course, on the way home from work on Monday, I stopped into the local Homebase to pick up some gardening bits. I ended up buying painting products, as you do!

There’s a justification to it though, it’s not just because I’m a tart. With the door closed, the front of the garage is far darker than the back. This is largely because there’s an obstruction in the ceiling area essentially partioning off the front, at least light-wise.

Welcome to the dark side...

However, I have a cunning plan. I’ve got a spare strip light which I intend to mount above the garage door. It’ll be completely pointless of course when the door is open, but I won’t let such little things get in the way of the opportunity to play with power tools and sparks. To maximise the spread of light, I’ll have to paint the walls and ceiling white. Whether the floor gets painted is anyone’s guess. I’m not planning on it, but then I wasn’t planning on doing the walls either.

So far all I’ve managed to do is paint sealant on a small section. It’s slow going, but a bank holiday weekend should see the job done.

On other matters, I’ve also been tool shopping. An engine crane came up locally for a bargain price and whilst it was a few weeks early, I couldn’t really say no. The guy selling it had used it to build a Westfield but unfortunately was taken ill before he could get it on the road. When picking it up I could tell he was gutted about it so I hope it’s of some consolation that it’ll be used for the same purpose.

You can just about make out the first coat of sealer on the walls too.

So, this weekend/next week’s task is to take this err… opportunity, and see if we can’t get it resembling a garage again, rather than a tip with a mazda shaped gap at the front.

Clean up... aisle one...

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