More LHD panel set woes

Yup, come across more LHD features in my panel set. But first, progress:

Pedals was the bit to focus on, and the pedals got done. First up was to identify the spacers. After initially picking out the spacers for the rear shocks, I managed to get the right ones. For the avoidance of doubt, it’s these bad boys.

Clutch pedal was first, and next to find was a 60mm stud. Hmm… none in the bag-of-bits, what about the fixings that I sorted on collection day. Nope, none in there either! A quick scan of the pick list shows it’s not even on there. Fortunately there was a 70mm  stud present and a test fit showed this would be fine. Copper grease the spacer, slip the pedal in (prising the bracket apart because it’s so tight) and bolt it all up.

I didn’t fit the clutch master cylinder because other build diaries suggest this gets in the way of the brake pipe fitting. I expect I’ll tackle that this week so it won’t be missing for long.

Next up, brake pedal and master cylinder. This time the pedal is held in with a 55mm bolt. Nope, no 55mm bolts! However, there is a 60mm and a 50mm bolt supplied. This seems feasible as the accelerator pedal bracket is thinner than the brake pedal one. A quick test fit again shows all will fit fine. These will do for now then and I’ll double check with Westfield anyway, just in case!

Last up, accelerator pedal. Use the 50mm bolt and voila:

One pedal set. Last job of the day was the inner footwell panels. Easy to identify, one is GRP, the other is aluminium.

Ah, that’ll be the LHD panel set then. Time to check more panels…

Scuttle panel isn’t a particularly great fit either. I’ll get all this cleared up with Westfield. There’s still a few panels I can do in the mean time, including the seat back panel. Been putting that off though thanks to a monster number of rivets!

1/3rd of the way through the whole project now!

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