Scuttle arrived – other stuff done

Apologies for the delay, progress has been slow whilst waiting for parts and I was only doing a little bit every now and again. I never had a single update big enough!

So, the first thing to arrive was the scuttle panel, the footwell panel was still MIA.

Nice and simple, that fits much better! It’s even got the holes for the wiring loom. Shame I wasn’t planning on fitting it yet.

I drilled the holes for the passenger footwell panel but didn’t fit it – I’d need the access to drill the holes for the drivers side when it arrives. Bored of not getting much done, I decided to attack the behemoth that is the seat back.

Just trimmed it first and drilled the holes. I waited until the evening for riveting when a few mates turned up. No way was I tackling that solo!

The sharp eyed amongst you will spot the cake, a surprisingly useful tool for riveting, in that in can be used to bribe people.

I also checked the bolts on the master cylinder and whilst they were as specified, I don’t think they’re long enough. I’ll replace them with 30mm bolts I think.

Finally, it looks like there is the odd flaw in the powdercoating. It doesn’t appear to have acheived a complete covering around the welds. I think I’ll go over them with POR-15 just for good measure. Certainly don’t want any rust, and it’d be silly for it to start there when it can be easily avoided.


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