Carbon dash arrives plus brake pipes

I got wind that CarbonMods were stopping production of wet lay carbon products, of which the dash was one. I searched the internet for alternatives but I didn’t like any as much as the CarbonMods one, so I snapped one up! Ok it’s a bit early, but I just couldn’t do without. I hope I don’t mess it up when it comes to cutting it.

Back to the build and the drivers side footwell panel still hadn’t arrived (it’s the 18th September at this point). I therefore grabbed a mate, we flipped the chassis and started on the floorpans. The chassis has the lowered floor so less bits to do there, just the front ones.

From there it was on with the brake pipes. Writing this now, I was so naiive! Ah well, if you’re building a Westfield make sure you read a few posts after this one…

Firstly, I mounted the brake pressure switch. This is done with an M6 bolt which was, surprisingly, missing. I therefore used a longer one with an M10 nut as a spacer. Hopefully I remember I’ve done that!

After fitting the front and rear 3-way connectors and flexi pipes, the first pipe to make was the master cylinder -> front pipe. This was fairly easy, then it was the pipes going from the 3-way connector to the flexi pipes.

Cunningly, I’d left the clutch master cylinder off to give me more space. Stupidly, I didn’t take that into account and so managed to block the gap with the brake pipe. I rebent it, it all fitted but it was a bit ugly. I vowed to get some more pipe, invest in a flaring tool and redo it.

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