Minor update

No pictures I’m afraid, but just a quick update. Attacked the front-rear hose last night. Much easier this time! The copper/nickel pipe I bought is easier to manipulate than the ones Westfield supplied and seeing as I had 25ft of the stuff, I could take a much neater route. The other two rear hoses were shaped fine, seems it’s just the long ones I’m inept at.

Ordered 20 of the push fit clips yesterday to help me keep it all neat. Also deliberated with Westfield as to whether I’m supposed to have the fibreglass drivers footwell rather than the metal one. The technical guys were adamant that it doesn’t clear the clutch slave cylinder but every build blog I’ve seen has it. It’s even in the build manual! They were going to phone me back but haven’t yet, so I guess we’ll see if it arrives today or not.

Lastly I managed to get the fuel lines shaped. Well, two of them. For the first one, the wrong size was used on the pipe bender and it simply creased. Obviously, that was a friend that did that… I do different silly things like flaring brake pipes before putting the nut on.

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