Panelling done (for now)

The top scuttle panel and drivers inner footwell panels are now fitted and that’ll do for now. I’ve still got the exterior panels and tunnel tops to go but I’m leaving them off until I’m sure I won’t need access.

I also took a look at fitting the bushes to the wishbones. I’d always planned to take them to a garage and get them done, but thought I might as well give it a go first. To be honest, the first one went in relatively easily, until about half way. Then things started getting tough. I didn’t think the vice would brake, it’s a pretty solid unit but the thought of doing 20 of the things didn’t fill me with enthusiasm, so I’ll stick to the original plan.

As it’s also a suitable time to do the rear wiring loom, I’ve ordered some cable and tape to ensure I’ve got enough.

For now though, I think I need to be getting on with painting the mazda uprights and the diff. Which reminds me, I’ve still got to separate that bad boy from the PPF!

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