Rear drive shaft and other bits

A few more jobs finished tonight. Firstly, I replaced the ball joint boot on the drivers side as this didn’t survive the ball joint splitter when taking the donor apart!

I popped the discs and callipers on though not fully as I’m still waiting for the paint to arrive. That’s in the hands of the Home Delivery Network, so I’m not getting my hopes up. The callipers are going orange to match the car. I would probably have painted them black to be fair, I’m not a fan of ‘blinged up’ standard brakes. But I need heat resistant orange paint for the Mazda logo on the engine so it was a good excuse.

I chopped the bracket off the upper steering column and loosely attached that. I was hoping to be able to see where to drill the hole through the bulkhead, but as I only have two of the three steering columns I was never going to get very far. Hopefully the third column comes in the completion kit and I’ll then be able to measure how much Westfield need to reduce one by.

I also need to read up on other build diaries as I think you have to do something funky with the mounting of the column if you’re not using the standard dash.

Lastly, the clip for the driveshaft arrived in record quick time and with it replaced, it was an easy push fit.

I also got round to finishing the soldering on the rear loom and taping it up. Just got to fit the tubing and secure it to the chassis.

Passed a milestone today – I’m now over 50% through the entire project! Granted that includes prepping the garage and dismantling the donor. 165 hours sunk in so far, still plenty to go! I think I’ll have a beer…

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