It’s on the floor

It’s on the floor! Got the lads round on Thursday, fitted the wheels then carefully manoevured it down. Figuring the rear was the heaviest, we used the engine crane on that and man handled the front end. It wasn’t too heavy, or at least the guy on the crane didn’t think so.

We wanted to fit the engine and gearbox at the weekend so set about planning that it. The curse of the missing bits struck again… no engine mounts! I’ve got the brackets, but the mounts aren’t even on the pick list. I wonder why that is, maybe they’re part of the completion kit. Seems pretty pointless including the brackets but not the engine/gearbox mounts though.

As I was (and hopefully, still am) picking up the completion kit the following Thursday it was pretty pointless getting Westfield to post them, the engine fitting can wait. Besides, the more I delay it, the closer I’ll be to getting a nice posh lowered sump from Bassett Balancing. Hoping to grab that in January time and if the engine isn’t fitted by then, it saves swapping it over in situ.

I’ve painted the inlet manifold now and got that fitted. I got ahead of myself and fitted the coils/HT leads purely to see what it would look like. The rocker cover still has to come off to fit the timing belt. I want to sand the rocker cover back a bit anyway as the finish has the odd brush mark in it. I think I hadn’t cleaned the brush properly on the second coat.

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