Odd jobs – gearbox, clutch slave, rear arches

Got a few outstanding jobs done. The first was drilling the gearbox mountings. This would have been much easier from the inside out, but instead I jacked the gearbox up and drilled from underneath. Careful measuring being the order of the day. Unsurprisingly, the tunnel top panel was still out so this will need trimming.

I picked up a new banjo bolt and fitted the clutch slave cylinder.

This was duly filled and bled. It’s tougher than I remember, but then it’s a completely different master cylinder. Once the prop is shortened and attached I’ll find the biting point then fit a bolt behind the pedal to stop it being pushed too far.

Finally, I temporarily fitted the rear arches and fixed the rear of the tub into position. I clamped on the arches, checked they were central to the wheel, re-checked the 400mm measurement at the boot, then checked it all again a few more times. Fortunately, the offset of the wheels guessed at when choosing them turned out to be spot on. 15×7, et40.

It was only then I noticed that the co pilot was less than impressed with my car building skills. I think he realised something I hadn’t.

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