Scuttle fitted – bonnet doesn’t fit!

I drilled the holes for the wiring through the scuttle (64mm was ok rather than the 70mm in the manual), trimmed it and sat it on the mountings. Then, I test fitted the bonnet.

Oh noo! It was as if the bonnet was too short. It was as far against the chassis as possible and was a quarter of an inch away from meeting the scuttle and associated mountings.

I posted a thread on the WSCC but we couldn’t make sense of it as every measurement showed the tub was in exactly the right place. It was as though the bonnet was too short – unlikely given them are made out of moulds.

A phone call to Westfield on the Monday (The above was done over the weekend) came up with the problem and solution. When fitting FW bodywork, the bonnet has to be fitted first. Unfortunately, this wasn’t in any of the build manuals I had, there was a separate supplement for the FW kit. I also didn’t have the hinge to fit the bonnet. Westfield popped that in the post and emailed me an extract of the FW build supplement, covering the bonnet fitting.

I drilled out the rivets securing the rear of the tub, removed the roll bar and pushed the tub as far forward as possible whilst still getting the boot box to fit. The gap for the boot box went from this:

To right up against the diff mounting brackets

I’m hoping when it’s all done I’m left with a bit of a gap.

Of course, moving the tub presents a bigger problem:

The roll bar holes no long line up. This means the boot box is essentially scrap, else I’d have very odd looking gaps where the roll bar is fixed. Or, there’s an alternative. The RAC bar uses square mountings bigger than the hole of the standard bar. Guess what I’ve ordered. Westfield have said they’ll give a discount seeing as they didn’t furnish me with the correct instructions to start off with.

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