FW bonnet fitted to ZK rear

Wow. First up I should definitely apologise for neglecting this blog a bit. Sorry about that! I’ve spent too much time building the car and not enough time writing about it. Sounds stupid but I really did get annoyed with it sucking up so much of my time in a bid to get it finished. This bonnet not fitting didn’t help either. In reality, given the weather, it’s good not to have an end date! But anyway, onto the meaty stuff, and to fill the inboxes of those who have subscribed. Apologies in advance…

So, with the tub shifted forwards to meet the bonnet, it did indeed fit:

Kind of…

I looked at that side of the tub again and managed to shift it a bit further forward. This solved the trick. Looking at the drivers side it seems the scuttle sits ‘in’ a little bit. Further research showed many examples of this so I can only presume ‘they’re all like that sir’

So with the tub now shifted forward and in the right place, I could further examine the knock on effects. The boot box was up against the diff mounting brackets as per the previous post, and this meant it no longer mounted flush.

Resecuring the tub to the rear would resolve this and pull the boot box away from the diff mounting brackets slightly.

Back to the front and it looked like everything was forward enough to leave space for the hinge.

The next day the hinge arrived (it wasn’t originally included in my kit) and so the bonnet was fixed on. So far so good! You can just about see the bolts on the bonnet in this photo:

It mounted up fine on the drivers side:

The passenger side sat a little proud so I trimmed the tab down a touch. That fixed it, though it naturally wanted to spring back up again. The clamp will sort that of course.

With the bonnet on, I riveted the top edge of the sides on the tub, making sure the edges match.

So, it was all fitted, finally! Probably one of the worst weeks of the build but got there in the end. If I’d known it would have been this much trouble I think I’d have gotten the FW rear too as having a custom tank made would surely have been easier. Life may have been easier had I known to ignore the 400mm measure to start off with of course.

The good thing about the FW bonnet though is with the front end jacked up, access is great!

It’s not too bad with the car on the floor either. Obviously the bonnet doesn’t open as far, but enough to get your head in and look around comfortably.

Whilst all this was going on, I did a spot of wiring to keep myself occupied. Here’s the main bank of switches to go in the middle of the dash. All wired up, though the photo doesn’t show it.

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