Another factory visit and a few random bits

Back at the start of March I made another trip up to the factory. I dropped off the standard rear lights and roll bar and came away with an RAC bar. I also picked up:

  • Fan mounting bracket
  • Headlamp brackets for FW bonnet (didn’t realise standard ones weren’t used)
  • Bonnet lock set
  • Clamps for the upper steering column

Unfortunately, the digital dash I’d ordered hadn’t arrived yet and the middle steering column was still awaiting modification.

So, with lots of new bits I went home and promptly fitted something I already had – the ECU mounting plate. Now, I’ve mounted it to the top of hoop here and everyone else mounts it to the bottom. I didn’t deem it a mistake worth fixing though – how often will I need to drop the ECU? I’d also rather not be upside down in the footwell doing it anyway!

Unfortunately I didn’t have the strap to mount the ECU with so I used a few 90 degree brackets. Does the job! The ECU is sitting on sponge tape – I’m not expecting massive amounts of vibrations but every little helps, to coin an overused phrase.

My kit came with an aftermarket fan and I wanted to use that rather than the Mazda one. The Mazda one is slightly too large for the radiator which seems a little pointless to me. I was going to modify the fan bracket to suit when I noticed these little beauties in the factory:

And so it was fitted and the radiator bolted back on. I hate those stupid little bolts needed to fit the radiator!

Final job of the day was to stick some tape down as protection for the bonnet (both sides)

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