Timing belt fitted

Managed to sneak an hour in the garage and amongst other things for the timing belt installed. Started off by getting the crank at the TDC mark:

Then align the cam pulleys to their marks on the seal plate:

And fit the belt, keeping it as tight as possible between the two pulleys. Once fitted, rotate the crank through four revolutions and check the marks still line up. Thankfully they did (though I’ve never had them not line up so don’t know what the chances of it being out are). The tensioner pulley bolt was loosened to allow the spring to tension the belt, then torqued back up again. You then rotate the crank 1 5/6ths around until it’s aligned with another mark on the oil pump that you can just see in this photo.

You then measure the deflection between the two cam pulleys. No more than 9mm with a 10kg weight. That was fine… so that was it, one timed engine.

I’ll double check everything with dial gauges and the such, just in case the adjustable pulleys need tweaking. That will do for now though.

In the mean time, I’ve finished painting the cam cover.

Next up, the crank and water pump pulleys. In the meantime, I’ve ordered the silicone joiners for the throttle bodies, along with some spare coolant, vacuum and fuel hose.

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2 Responses to Timing belt fitted

  1. Cambox cover looks excellent! Keep up the good work and blogging it!

  2. Dom says:

    Ta. Have plans to get the engine back in this weekend and running next weekend… fingers crossed!

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