Engine back in

Added a few more bits to the engine then managed to get it fitted back in this weekend. First up was the rear cam oil seal, in place of the CAS.


Then the coolant temp sender for the ECU


And for the dash (I may have named these wrong and could be the other way round)


And the rear thermostat and housing


Followed by the water pump inlet. It doesn’t seem as close to the crank pulley this time.


Then it was on to the oil pressure sender. First up was the adapter to convert the 1/8BSPT thread on the block to the VDO sender.

And the sender itself.

Then the oil cooler sandwich plate. This may be tricky to plumb in as there is surprisingly little room after fitting the VDO sender. Sure it’ll be ok though.

That was it for Saturday. Family duties beckoned. However, as the silicone hoses for the throttle bodies had arrived (but annoyingly, not the fuel hose), I couldn’t resist a cheeky test fit.

I was a bit worried about using black silicone but the range was limited, unless I wanted to spend a fortune on 1m of orange hose and chop it into small bits. Turns out it was quite a safe choice.

Sunday morning and after the F1 it was back into the garage to prep the engine for refit. First up the nearside engine mount.

Then the flywheel and clutch. After initially fitting the flywheel and realising I’d forgotten the back plate. Oops!

And in it went! I’m going to pretend it was this simple and forget all about the faffing and cursing.

Whilst I still had some time left, I refitted the exhaust manifold as I didn’t need access to that area any more.

Then the coolant pipe. I was going to move it to go by the tub, but given the timescales I’ve decided against it for now.

And lastly, another quick fit of the throttle bodies…

I hope when the air filter is fitted it will sit inside the ‘bulge’ that the FW bonnet has in that area. I do have scope to reduce the length of the silicone joiners and move it a bit closer though.

So, engine is fitted and I’m where I wanted to be from the weekend. During the week I’m hoping to get the throttle bodies spaced properly and plumbed in.

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