Further progress

Nope, still not started yet, but edging closer.

Started off today by filing down the trumpets and fitting them to the backplate.

Then, before fitting them I quickly finished off the jobs to do underneath the intake – namely wiring for oil pressure gauge and warning plus fitting an oil filter.

With the bodies back on I looked at the throttle cable next. This was simply a case of swapping out the washers for smaller ones and mounting them where the cable on the bike would have gone.

The end of the cable was a perfect match

At the pedal end the cable had to be trimmed a few inches. Annoyingly, it had gotten frayed and so it fought back! I won in the end though. To try and counter act the ghetto-bodies having a smaller cam on the throttle I mounted the cable higher up the pedal. Not perfect, there’s still 20mm of pedal travel left when full throttle is reached but I’ll just have to remember to not bury my foot quite so hard.

Once this was done I realised I hadn’t yet fitted the alternator. Handily it’s easy to slip the bodies off to gain access – just loosen the four clips! I replaced the lower alternator bolt and fitment was easy.

Next on the odd jobs was the crank sensor. This mounts on the oil pump pointing at the Mazda trigger wheel behind the crank pulley. You can just about see it in this photo.

I wired the crank and cam sensor into the original mk1 cam sensor wiring. I’ve left the wires out for now in case I need access to them. Once the engine is up and running I’ll tuck them inside the normal loom.

I then tackled the vacuum feed for the ECU, plumbing it into the ports on the ghetto-bodies. I also fitted the spark plugs, coils and HT leads.

Lastly for the day, I refitted the pedal box cover (really should get around to fitting my carbon one at some point), the coolant header tank and also threaded the vacuum line through to the ECU area.

Still to do is to find a new home for the oil catch tank, refit the silencer, fit the ECU and top it up with fluids.

Mapping is on the 9th which gives me three days. Should be fine.

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