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Engine refitting

Whilst waiting for the replacement compressor housing, I refitted the previous one to simply protect the compressor wheel and help with mocking up. With the manifold still attached to the head and no real fitment issues for refitting the turbo … Continue reading

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IHI VF28 Turbo

One thing I didn’t like about the turbo set up was that I wasn’t being rewarded for revving the engine. There was plenty of mid range torque which is always useful for exiting a corner at a lazy rpm, but … Continue reading

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Fitting the Main Bearing Support Plate

One thing I wanted to do with this build was finally get around to fitting the Main Bearing Support Plate. I’d attempted to do this previously but decided against it because it required the Mk1 sump milling. It also required … Continue reading

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Forged engine build – build up

As I mentioned, I decided to re-use the existing block and keep the ‘new’ one on the shelf as a spare. The bores were just in such good condition… still! I borrowed a honing tool which looks more like a … Continue reading

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Forged bits

Ok, the ‘new’ block is away at the machinists and the existing engine is out and mostly disassembled. The current block is in better condition than the ‘new’ one so I think I’ll re-use that. But, onto the more fun … Continue reading

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